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Eden Utilities is a utilities management company, specialising in Procurement, Forensic Invoice Validation, Energy Cost Risk Management Services, bespoke Total Cost utility management and reporting. We can assist in the management of as much, or as little, of your utility portfolio as you prefer - providing tailored and individual services to meet with your specific requirements.


We will find the best deal for you, from suppliers, ranging from price tariffs to contract conditions


We offer you efficient, cost effective, tailored and professional services for your business


Monitor your cost and consumption and consult your invoices and contractual material online

We offer extensive, specialist industry experience, gained in all areas of the utility industry; from generation, through to client end user. We can offer very competitive fees, due to our highly efficient systems, which cut out all unnecessary overheads. We provide a comprehensive and effective service, always striving to supply the best value for money.

EDEN Services for you



Small and Medium Enterprises can find
a valuable partner in Eden Utilities for:
· Extensive procurement experience ·
· Premium services at low cost ·
· Advanced cost monitoring ·
· Fully informed decisions ·



Industrial and Commercial companies
are benefiting from Eden Utilities in:
· Procurement negotiation skills ·
· Technology led services ·
· Complete service pack ·
· Advanced Reporting ·

Engaging with Eden Utilities, provides you with access to a selection of services, specifically developed for the end user. What makes us unique, is the continuous innovation in technology and market visibility, along with our ethos in offering a fully transparent pricing model. Contact us today, for a quote.


With the UK and Global Energy Markets continuing to move in an unpredictable and volatile manner; it is essential that companies monitor, manage and purchase their energy requirements as effectively as possible. We work with you to:

  • Ascertain your appetite for risk and then manage this to the level you specify;
  • Ensure that, at all times, you are kept informed of levels of risk or opportunity;
  • Offer peace of mind that your appetite for risk has been fully evaluated.


All of the UK energy suppliers offer different energy purchasing and supply products, with varying contractual terms. Some offering greater purchasing flexibility than others – and typically with additional costs and with varying levels of restrictions.

  • We ensure that your often complex supply contracts suit your specific requirements;
  • We negotiate with suppliers to ensure terms and conditions match your supply needs;
  • We find you the best suited electricity, gas and water supply contracts for your business.


Accurate reporting is essential for every business in order to understand, and effectively manage their energy costs. Eden Utilities can provide you with varying levels of reporting to ensure that we can provide as much, or as little data as you require.

  • We provide Budget and Risk reporting to give a monthly, weekly or daily forecast view;
  • We provide Market Price Intelligence, for in-depth information on market data;
  • Bespoke energy usage, energy wastage and KPI reports are also available.


Utilities are subject to complex tariff calculations and regulation changes that impact on the user's bill. We commit to independently audit your invoices, identify undue charges and recover any outstanding credit from suppliers.

  • We re-simulate every element present in bills and validate volumes and rates;
  • We report in a simple format, detailing any findings and retrieve any credit you are due;
  • We can support you by generating advanced material on cost planning and control.


Our team can optimise your current tariffs and charges, to ensure you are not paying more than you should for your consumption, as well as account for your likely future consumption; to safe guard exceeding tolerance levels as your company grows.

  • We provide all peripheral support services such as checking your supply capacities;
  • We determine accurate meter profiling and provide metering services;
  • We suggest behavioural changes that can generate sensible business savings.


Water has become increasingly important for most businesses. We tender for the supply of water and waste water services and more importantly, accurately analyse the results of supplier submissions ensuring an optimum price is achieved.

  • We offer competitive tendering, often reducing the cost of your water by over 12%;
  • We can help in optimising use, efficiency and harvesting and also offer invoice audits;
  • We help to deliver savings and support water efficiency and business continuity.


Eden Utilities is proud to work alongside a number of key clients, ranging from smaller SME businesses, all the way through to very large energy consumers. Our aim is to deliver an open, honest and fully transparent approach at all times. We treat each client we work with, as a partner and look to create solid, long term, relationships, built on trust.

Suppliers Engaged
Fixed Products


complete tenders


Happy Customers


Meter managed


Succesful audits

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Eden Utilities can be as flexible as you need, to match with your requirements. Below is an example of some of our more popular services packages:


Simple & Straight
utility procurement
  • Default Procurement
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • Utility Budget
  • -
  • -
  • -


Buy & Manage
your business utilities
  • Dedicated Procurement
  • -
  • Consumption Monitoring
  • Invoice Validation
  • Utility Budget
  • -
  • -
  • Online Portal


Ongoing Monitoring
of saving opportunities
  • Dedicated Procurement
  • Ongoing Auditing
  • Consumption Monitoring
  • Invoice Validation
  • Advanced Budgeting
  • -
  • -
  • Online Portal


Full control
over your utilities
  • Advanced Procurement
  • Ongoing Auditing
  • Consumption Monitoring
  • Invoice Validation
  • Advanced Budgeting
  • Utility Finance
  • Flex Trades Reporting
  • Online Portal

eden infinity

The World is changing, Business and Consumers are becoming more aware about the importance of being “Sustainable”. This can be difficult and expensive, but there is a growing expectation that “Business” also does something to help the planet. Several organisations are already taking this onboard and are trying their best to deploy a more environmentally friendly policy. If this is already happening in your business, then great, but now you could do more…

eden infinity

All Organisations produce waste, this is collected and taken to landfill with a potential impact on the environment.

eden infinity

Eden works with its partners to generate power from this waste and ensure that this power is allocated to your business account

eden infinity

This allows your organisation to support the generation of your own power, EDEN Infinity provides you with a greener footprint on this planet.


About us

At Eden Utilities we are a totally independent boutique of energy market specialists. We offer a transparent, partnership service with decades of experience in matching energy purchasing opportunities with client business needs and requirements. At Eden Utilities, regardless of size, we buy YOUR energy in the way that is right for YOU! Any commission earned is disclosed to clients.

Eden Utilities pride itself on working in partnership with all clients, to ensure that they are receiving not only the best price from their utilities suppliers, but also the best value.

Wishing to provide a transparent and honest service, on a more consultative basis to SMEs too, we believe that all clients should be treated with the same respect and given access to the same opportunities.

SMEs are frequently approached by brokers, with excessive claims on energy prices and services, when in fact, contracts are negotiated based on high commission rates and clients are poorly supported. Our solutions, reporting and technology are customised for offering high-end solutions to SME users.

Eden Utilities identity is guided by our founder's vision, and his comprehensive experience of the utility markets.

 With 25+ years' experience in the utilities industry, I believe in a professional, yet friendly approach, delivering high quality services in consultancy format. 

Founder and MD

Mark's experience has been the essential pillar in building Eden Utilities products, whilst his ethos determined the company's consultative approach, on which we continue to build our reputation.

Contact US

Do not hesitate to get in touch with us, or investigate the best way for us to help with your utilities. We can start supporting you immediately: contact us and one of our highly trained staff will be in touch shortly.